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Chat Masala Pull Apart bread - We Knead to Bake # 1

Hi everybody, as I said earlier in my post, this is the second version of my pull apart bread which I baked for WKTB # 1, I had asked to guess my filling as if I was going to bake with some great filling, when I see now how many breads with Yummilacious fillings all my friends have baked, I was acting like a school girl talking about a simple filling anyways,  Aparna had almost guessed it  telling me it must be carrots and coriander.. nearly their, you were right Aparna it has both the Ingredients.
Long time ago I had baked little buns / baps with this filling but not as a filling but had incorporated it into the bread itself, they were so yummy but I had forgotten to take photos then, My kids loved this as they are quite spicy.They enjoy these with Tomatoes, cucumbers and some cheese on it for their lunch box.
This  happened in a jiff that day , I had completely forgotten about this filling, I had made some chat masala for my kids snacks when they come back home from school, and I was planning to bake a bread as the other one was nearly at its end, I was left out with this mixture and we were all full I was wondering what to do with it, then I remembered about my dough which was proofing, that was when I decided I could use this as a filling..., so here is how this bread goes..

Coming back to this post When Aparna of My diverse Kitchen, the lady I was talking about mentioned on fb about baking bread all through the year,  we all joined hands with her who had the Knead to bake decided to bake with her.  Hope you all Enjoy the virtual treat.. we have made,  just hop to Aparna's blog for the sweet and savoury versions 

This bread makes a large loaf

2 tbsp of warm water
1 tsp sugar
2 tsp Yeast
3 cups of Whole wheat White Bread flour ( nearly 375 gms (plus extra around 50 grms)
1 tsp salt
3 tbsp Olive oil
1/2 cup milk
3/4 cup of water

1 Medium sized carrot
1 Large Onion
2 tbsp cup packed chopped coriander Leaves
1 tbsp sweet chutney
1 tbsp green chutney
2 to 3 extra Green chillies (optional)
salt as required

In a large bowl take yeast and 2 tbsp of warm water with tsp of sugar and leave it in a warm place for few minutes, you can notice bubbles forming up this shows that the yeast is active.
To this add all the other Ingredients said above under the Dough, mix them well, use a food processor or your hand and make it into a pliable dough, make it into a chappati dough consistency.
Once the dough is ready Knead the dough  for at least 10 minutes until it very pliable, smooth and soft, this helps in the gluten formation. Lightly oil the bowl and leave the dough covered for at least 1 and 1/2 hours or leave it until it is doubled in size.
Preheat the oven to 180 C / 350 F / Gas Mark 5*
Oil a loaf tin 9'' x 5'' sprinkle some flour and tap it down so there is no extra flour on it or place a parchment paper in the tin
Once the dough is proven deflate the dough dust the kitchen work surface with flour, flatten the dough into a square as shown, which you can do in two ways
1.  Sprinkle the Chat masala mixed filling  on to the flattened dough and some grated cheese on top of it and cut it into 6 lengthwise strips and lay them one on top of the other and cut them again into 6 pieces with a sharp knife or a scrapper. stack the pieces starting with the seam side and in the middle you can have both the ends of the strip put together will make it look nicer.
2. Or as I did,  once you have made it into a square, cut them into 6 equal parts, start with the first layer sprinkle the chat masala filling and cheese on top of it, place the next one do the filling and continue with the rest of the strips then cut them into 6 pieces and continue as said above for stacking and continue with the rest of the process.
Once stacked cover it again with a tea towel or with a cling film for an hour or until it rises, do not allow it to rise too much as the first time round.
Brush the top of the bread with milk and bake it in the middle rack for 35 to 45** minutes or until the top is golden brown in colour or check it with a skewer when it comes out clean.
Take it out of the oven and leave it on a cooling rack for 10 minutes, release the bread from the loaf tin immediately after 10 minutes*** and leave it directly on the wiring rack to cool down completely.
Pull apart the bread and enjoy with a cuppa or slice the bread as I did topped them with some salad leaves, cucumbers and tomatoes grill them or just make a sandwich and send it for Lunch box.

As I have always said my oven temperature is very high so I bake them at Gas mark 3
** My bread got baked by 40 minutes
*** I remove my bread immediately after 10 minutes the bread will be still very warm because of this the bottom side becomes soggy if left in tin for a long time this is my experience so I always take it out and leave it on the the wiring rack this helps the bread cooling down without a soggy bottom, sometimes I turn out  the bread place it in the loaf pan again and bake it for 5 more minutes this makes my bread has a crusty bottom as well :)).
You can add Honey, Maple syrup, Jaggery instead of sugar too..

1. You can use Vegan butter, Vegan cheese in place of the Vegetarian Cheeses.
2. You can otherwise omit the cheese itself
3. In place of milk you can use Oats milk, Almond milk, soya milk or Just plain water

If you ever try these variations leave a note here so I would be delighted to know how it turned out.

1. You can also add in the filling with smoked sweet corn, finely grated or chopped Mango ( Totapuri Mangoes which are used in India to make these kind of chats they are kind of sweet and sour ).
2. When I baked this bread I used the wrong Loaf tin so it bloomed out of my tin as you can see.
3. If you omit cheese this becomes a Vegan bread, and would be my kind of bread.

This Bread is also yeast spotted.

see you tomorrow with an unusual bread filling...


  1. Delicious and flavorful pull apart bread.

  2. Real yummy and flavorful bread...

  3. Love the aroma....looks appetising....

  4. tempting and super inviting .. ..wish to try it out

    Ongoing event:
    Know your dairy - Milk Events
    in my blog.

  5. channa masala...oh dear, you make me so jealous!

  6. Wow, I love chaat masala! Can have it in anything. No need to say that I loved the recipe.

  7. Beautiful bread, you guys are pulling me again to bake some pull apart bread.

  8. Very innovative idea for filling...The bread should have been great...

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